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Comic Books > Signed > Superman Comic 471

Superman Comic 471

SKU: IMG_0861




Product Description

#471 edition of DC Comics October, 1990 issue of the Adventures of Superman signed by creator Jerry Siegel.

18 1/2x15 Blk frame with blk matting

One of the temptations for a character like Superman is to make him seem more and more powerful, with each new feat outdoing the last. Over the years since his first appearance in Action Comics #1, this has certainly been the case, going even so far at one point as to show Superman moving the Earth back into its orbit. However, such a daunting character has a hard time finding an adequate challenge, and in time can get a little boring. DC comics realized this and decided to reinvent the Superman character, altering his origin somewhat and scaling back his powers to a more comprehensible level.

With the renivention, we see a far more interesting Superman than ever before. He has to try a little harder, and with his alter-ego Clark Kent is a more interesting character. And, in a historic issue (#50), Clark finally proposes to Lois Lane, the woman to whom he’s been avoiding a commitment for fifty years.

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